My primary research interest is perception—how we are able to gain information about the world through our senses. Together with students and collaborators, we use behavioural (psychophysics) and neural recording (fMRI and EEG) measures to explore fundamental questions about how we perceive the world.

Our current research focuses on three main topics:

  • The role of shape-from-motion in the visual perception of surface lightness
  • The capacity of the visual system to tolerate variations in illumination
  • The incorporation of visual information into auditory judgements of loudness

Lab members—April, 2018

Picture of lab group

Left to right: Lindsay Peterson (PhD student), Sol Libesman (PhD student, joint with Whitford Lab), Matilda Russell (research assistant), Damien, Kevin Tsang (honours student), Gadiel Dumlao (honours student), Emma Leamon (research assistant), Sophia Garlick Bock (honours student)

Prospective and current students are welcome to contact me if you are interested in being involved in our research. You might also be interested in reading our lab manual and coming along to our regular lab meetings.


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