Damien J. Mannion, Ph.D.

Photo of Damien Mannion

I am a lecturer and vision science researcher in the School of Psychology at UNSW in Sydney, Australia. My email address is d.mannion@unsw.edu.au.

My primary research interest is in understanding how we perceive the world—what are our visual capacities and how are they realised in the brain. To investigate this, we show human observers particular patterns on computer screens and ask them to make judgements about what they see. Often, the observers do this while inside an MRI scanner, which allows us to gather snapshots of the distribution of activity levels within their brain while they're perceiving such patterns. The overall goal of such research is to understand how the patterns of light are communicated in the brain to allow our perception of the visual environment.

For more information, please see my CV, academic family tree, UNSW profile, or Google Scholar profile.

Prospective and current students might also be interested in looking at our lab manual.

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