Additional resources

  • Stanislaw, H. & Todorov, N. (1999) Calculation of signal detection theory measures. Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers, 31, 137-149.
    → Detailed discussion of the use of signal detection theory in psychology experiments.
  • Kingdom, F. A. & Prins, N. (2010) Psychophysics: A practical introduction. Academic Press: London, UK.
    → A comprehensive textbook on psychophysical methods.
  • Braddick, O. (1997) Visual psychophysics. Current Biology, 7, R209-R211.
    → A short tutorial review on the application of psychophysical methods in vision.
  • Britten, K.H., Shadlen, M.N., Newsome, W.T., & Movshon, J.A. (1992) The analysis of visual motion: A comparison of neuronal and psychophysical performance. Journal of Neuroscience, 12 (12), 4745-4765.
    → A fascinating example of relating psychophysical performance to neuronal signals using signal detection theory.

If you’re interested, you can also view the code for creating the motion stimuli and code for creating the interactive signal detection theory figures.