An interactive image Fourier analysis website

Here, I describe and reflect on a project in which I created a site to allow the interactive exploration of the Fourier analysis of images.

I have been thinking more about usefulness of interactive online activities in learning and understanding, inspired by the great examples given by:

Recently, a colleague mentioned that an interactive way of exploring the Fourier analysis of images could be a useful teaching tool. Implementing such an activity on a website sounded interesting, so I thought I would have a go at putting one together.

The result is the “Image frequency spectrum analysis” site. The site and its code available in a public Github repository. The main features of the site are:

Here is a screenshot of the site:

Screenshot of the image frequency spectrum analysis website
Screenshot of the “Image frequency spectrum analysis” website. The dog is Mabel—my sister’s Newfoundland dog.

A few things I have learned, recognised, or appreciated while putting this together:

Overall, I really enjoyed and feel like I learned a lot from this project—and I hope that it may be a useful teaching resource.


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